Written by Rosie GH

Ambassador Scholars 2017

Ambassador Scholars 2017 by Rosie GH

At Greenheart Exchange, we enjoy learning from our participants and working with them to ensure their success, this is especially true with our Ambassador Scholars. The Ambassador Scholarship program was designed to identify participants who wanted to serve as cultural ambassadors and have a direct impact in their community in the United States. In 2017, Greenheart Exchange welcomed 8 Ambassador Scholars from 5 countries and each Scholar worked hard to understand American culture and educate others about their culture. Each year brings a new group of Ambassador Scholars who have the opportunity to impact their community and it has been my absolute joy and privilege to get to know such talented and dedicated young people!

I would like to thank everyone who supports the Ambassador Scholarship program and I would like to thank the 2017 Ambassador Scholars for challenging ideas and making a difference. I can’t wait until you take the world by storm!

Amber Hayes

Cultural Outreach Manager, Greenheart Exchange