As members of the Greenheart community, we’ve seen firsthand how cultural exchange enables personal and professional growth, not only for exchange participants themselves but also for their hosts and colleagues. We know that the cross-cultural skills, lasting friendships, and professional collaborations that develop through cultural exchange empower us as individuals and build a strong foundation for peace. However, many Americans have not yet had first-hand experiences with cultural exchange and so remain unaware of its impact. Advocacy in support of cultural exchange opens eyes and broadens opportunities to participate in cultural exchange.

Greenheart is committed to communicating the diverse benefits of cultural exchange to everyday Americans and to our representatives on Capitol Hill. We want more Americans to understand how exchange programs that bring international students, interns, trainees, and teachers to the United States foster mutual understanding, support American national security and contribute significantly to the success of American students and professionals. We want more Americans to experience the productive challenge and personal growth that volunteering, teaching, or studying abroad offers—and to dispel the myth that the only time to do these things is when you’re in college. And we want you to join us.


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