Our Story


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Mission and Vision:

Since 1985, Greenheart International has been a catalyst for global transformation through the facilitation of cultural exchange programs, personal development opportunities, volunteer service initiatives, and environmental advocacy projects. Our mission of connecting people and planet to create global leaders drives all that we do in Greenheart Travel and Greenheart Exchange.

Greenheart International is endorsed by the City of Chicago for the promotion of international education, environmental awareness, and citizen diplomacy. With an ardent commitment to sustainable practices, a steadfast dedication to expanding worldviews, and an abiding passion for planetary change, we are guided by our vision of a united and flourishing global family.



Greenheart's two branches focus on cultural exchange--both inbound to the USA with Greenheart Exchange and outbound from the USA with Greenheart Travel.


Culture of Greenheart


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We are driven by our mission.

We approach our mission and vision of Greenheart International with enthusiasm and passion and seek to share it with the global community. The mission and vision inform our work and future direction.

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We are dynamic.

We are dynamic, responsive, and flexible. We adapt to the needs of our local and global community. We promote synergy between Greenheart branches, and collaborate with the global community of organizations and individuals committed to a more peaceful and sustainable future for all.

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We empower innovation.

We believe that everyone is capable of innovation. We strive to implement new ideas and proactively plan for future challenges. We are efficient while remaining committed to quality. We welcome change.

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We are accountable for our actions.

We strive for excellence in all that we do. We view challenges as opportunities and promote positivity. We exercise compassion and attempt to create a safe space at work and in our communities for effective dialogue.

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We are focused on our impact.

We know that every thought, word, and action makes an impact. We focus our work on creating a positive impact in the world. We monitor and evaluate our work to determine what types of impact we are making. We believe we can do more.

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We are inclusive of all worldviews.

We appreciate that everyone has a unique worldview based on one’s own experience. We seek to understand and expand our individual and collective worldview.

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We are a social enterprise nonprofit.

We have a hybrid model of fee-based programs, which allows Greenheart financial solvency, and a fundraising model to enable merit and need based scholarships.

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We promote transformation.

We take action based on our vision for a more peaceful and sustainable world. We approach this by creating space for transformation to occur through our work.

  • Affiliations

    Greenheart connects with communities committed to cultural exchange, social transformation, personal development and volunteerism.