Our Story

Meet the Team

  • The Greenheart team is dynamic, mission-driven, and dedicated to expanding worldviews. Get to know our founders, board of directors, and staff.

  • Emanuel Kuntzelman

    Founder and President
  • Laura Rose

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jack Blanks

    Board Member
  • Roy Curran

    Board Member
  • Shamini Jain

    Board Secretary
  • Richard Zacaroli

    Board Treasurer
  • Katia Petersen

    Greenheart Board Director


  • Emanuel Kuntzelman

  • Laura Rose

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Daniel Ebert

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Lucas Puzan

    Chief Information Officer
  • Ahmed Khan

    Chief Financial Officer

    Accounting, Human Resources

  • Jamel Magee

    Human Resources Director
  • Paula Herrmann

    Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • Gary Freeland

    Accounting Supervisor
  • Felicia Moore

    Accounting Assistant

    Founder of the Greenheart Symbol

  • Chris Dews

    Founder of Greenheart symbol

    IT & Systems

  • Lucas Puzan

    Chief Information Officer
  • Kristy Boyer

    IT Director
  • Paige Cheng

    Systems Analyst
  • Laurence Littleton

    Technical Support Specialist

    Marketing and Communications

  • Katy Smithy

    Marketing Director
  • Haldis Toppen

    Communications Director
  • Bonnie Washick

    External Relations Manager
  • Ellie Corbett

    Marketing Associate
  • Emily Walsh

    Outreach Coordinator
  • Alejandro Sanchez

  • Gaby Passman

    Creative Designer
  • Benny Toth

    Web Developer
  • Olivia Havens

    Marketing Assistant

    International Partner Development

  • Jason Nusser

    Director, International Partner Development
  • Huapu (Nick) Deng

    Regional Sales Manager - China

    Executive Support

  • Marina Bekovic

    Executive Coordinator

    J-1 High School

  • Megan McGaughey

    Vice President, High School Programs
  • Mike Keefer

    Placement Services Director
  • Ellie Bucciarelli

    Student Counselor
  • Stephanie Nosek

    Director of Compliance and Operations
  • Maggie Dziubek

    Senior Grant Programs Manager
  • Jillian Sims

    Outreach Manager
  • Matt Simson

    Senior Program Manager
  • Sara Eden

    Grant Programs Manager
  • Jessica Vogel

    Program Manager
  • Jessica Harlan

    Program Manager
  • Heather Voss

    Program Manager
  • Chelsea Wilcox

    Program Coordinator
  • Moriah Meeks

    Placement Services Coordinator

    F-1 High School

  • Juliet Jones

  • Kiersten Nickel

    Program Manager

    Short Term Programs

  • Nicole Cook

  • Elaine Kilgore

    Program Manager
  • Angelle Aguillard

    Program Manager
  • Gina Tremmel

    Program Manager
  • Elizabeth O'Brien

    Program Coordinator

    Field Network

  • Connie Dean

    Executive Regional Director: TX, FL, MO, and AL
  • Rob Douglas

    Executive Regional Director: NY, NJ, DE, SC, GA, and parts of VA and MD
  • Kristin Babby

    Executive Regional Director: OR, NM, NE, and KS
  • Lisa Brecht

    Regional Director: OK, AR, LA, and MS
  • Leah Frazier

    Regional Director: WA, ID, MT, NV, and AZ
  • Kathy Hansen

    Regional Director: ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, and CT
  • Sally Thelen

    Regional Director: ND, SD, MN, IA, WI, IL, and TN
  • Cindy Vance

    Regional Director: CA, UT, WY, and CO
  • Pamela Abbodanza

    Regional Manager: PA, WV, NC, and parts of VA and MD
  • Daphne Brigham

    Regional Manager: Northern and Western TX
  • Wilma Fast

    Regional Manager: KS
  • Jacqueline Medeiros

    Regional Manager: ME
  • Dave Schuchaskie

    Regional Manager: MI, Northern IN, and Northwest Ohio
  • Lasha Seaman

    Regional Manager: CO and WY
  • Nancy Stubbs

    Regional Manager: IA, ND, SD, and MN
  • Jennifer Tausworthe

    Regional Manager: Southern TX
  • Julie Zehner

    Regional Manager: IL and WI
  • Tara Jasinski

    Regional Manager: NE
  • Stacy Eubanks

    Regional Manager: AR
  • Nancy Sanderson

    Regional Manager: NY, NJ, DE, and parts of PA
  • Sara Barnes

    Regional Manager: WA

    Professional Exchange Programs Staff

  • Marcelle Benedicta

    Vice President, Professional Exchange Programs

    Work and Travel Program

  • Nancy Kenyon

    Work and Travel Program Director
  • Joseph Burns

    Services Director
  • Adriana Kusnirova

    Partner Relations Director
  • Malgorzata Tekgoz

    Operations and Compliance Director
  • Renee Clarke

    Senior Employer Relations Manager
  • Wioletta Olszowiec

    Senior Partner Relations Manager
  • Shawna Pye

    Employer Relations Manager
  • Elissa Yonkers

    Senior Program Services Manager
  • Kaitlyn Peters

    Employer Services Manager
  • Brian Craig

    Partner Relations Coordinator
  • Rob DeLaney

    Senior Employer Services Coordinator
  • May Ling Stella

    Employer Services Coordinator
  • Meegan Rehak

    Senior Employer Services Coordinator
  • Fernando Vazquez

    Senior Compliance Coordinator
  • Kevin Campbell

    Operations Coordinator
  • Laura Stepnicka

    Employer Services Coordinator
  • Megan Neubrand

    Partner Relations Coordinator
  • Valeri Schwager

    Operations Associate
  • Kati Stemple

    Work and Travel Operations Manager
  • Rachel Brown

    Operations Program Assistant
  • Regan Raimondi

    Program Assistant
  • Amanda Williams

    Program Assistant

    Career Advancement Program

  • Maria Pakhomova

    Career Advancement Program Director
  • Cara Parenti

    Operations and Compliance Manager
  • Erica Maves

    Compliance Coordinator
  • Vanessa Asmussen

    Operations Associate
  • Allyssa Golden

    Operations Associate
  • Liz Forman

    Services Coordinator
  • Gracie Gramelspacher

    Operations Associate
  • Glenda Gonzalez

    Services Manager

    Teach USA Program

  • Evan Jansen

    Teach USA Program Director
  • Ariana Puentes Graham

    School Relations Manager
  • Fran Acevedo

    Program Manager
  • Lauren Thacker

    Interim Director, Greenheart Travel
  • Sara Thacker

    Associate Director of Marketing
  • Allison Yates

    Associate Director of High School Abroad & Short-Term Programs
  • Kara Menini

    Senior Program Manager
  • Jessica Wedge

    Program Advisor
  • Kate Powers

    Outreach Coordinator
  • Zoe Coulter

    Work Abroad Program Manager
  • Amanda Tazioli

    Marketing Content Coordinator
  • Connor Cargill

    High School and Short-Term Programs Coordinator
  • Nancy Mathyer

    Director, Greenheart Shop
  • Jen Williams

    Sobremesa National Sales Manager
  • Mia Nickelson

    Administrative Coordinator
  • Erika Poulos

    Buyer, Greenheart Shop