Phone Script Template

Hello, this is [your name]. I’m a [add your profession or: resident of [state] / resident of Congressman/Congresswoman name’s district resident]. I’m calling today to ask [Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman name] to support U.S. Department of States educational and cultural exchange programs. The Administration recently recommended cutting funding for these exchange programs by almost 56%, from $700.9 million to 309.6 million.

Exchange programs [choose 1 or 2 benefits to highlight, for example: support 21st-century learning, support our businesses/schools, prepare Americans to succeed in the global economy, foster mutual understanding]. Because of this, I urge [Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman name] to support funding State Department educational and cultural exchange programs at current levels and to support a transparent review process, including Congressional oversight before any changes are made to the Exchange Visitor Program.

Can you please relay these requests to the [Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman]?

Thank for your time.