Greenheart Schools Program

  • Bring the world to your classroom and your classroom to the world.

  • Overview

    Since 1985, Greenheart has partnered with schools nationwide to bring international students to U.S. classrooms. Since then, our commitment to cultural exchange has led us to explore different ways to provide a holistic exchange experience to U.S. high schools. With multiple ways to get your school involved, Greenheart has the ability to engage your students, faculty, and community in a cultural exchange experience.

  • Greenheart Schools Program

    We are excited to announce the Greenheart Schools Program! This unique program highlights U.S. high schools in the Greenheart family that host exchange students, send American students abroad, or hire international teachers through Greenheart. The best part is that the more Greenheart programs your school participates in, the more benefits your school is eligible for! Some of the benefits include: early access to program information, Greenheart scholarships, school grants (up to $4,000)  …and more!

  • Inbound High School Exchange

    Greenheart Exchange sponsors high school students from 60+ countries and places them with volunteer host families all across the U.S. Throughout the course of their program, which can last between 2 weeks and 10 months, the students will attend classes at your high school, get involved in school activities, and volunteer in their community. Greenheart Exchange Local Coordinators monitor the progress of their students throughout the program and are available to aid the students, host families, and schools that they collaborate with.

  • Greenheart Travel

    High School Abroad

    Greenheart Travel has opportunities for high school study abroad in 17 different countries, where students can immerse themselves in a new culture and language while gaining independence and community engagement skills. Greenheart Travel also provides summer language camp opportunities in a variety of countries. These experiences focus on full cultural immersion that fosters leadership skills, global awareness, and cultural competency. By offering cultural exchange programs to students, you are making the world their classroom!

    Teach Abroad

    Greenheart Travel offers a range of opportunities to teach English abroad for a semester, a year, or during summer break. These positions are a chance for teachers to gain international experience while traveling abroad and gaining a global perspective. Most of the positions are in local elementary and high schools around the world and offer salaries or stipends.

    School-to-School Exchanges

    In this unique program, U.S.-based schools host a group of international students and teachers. Later in that same academic year, the U.S. class and teacher(s) travel to visit the same group in their home country. Schools can participate year after year building relationships as “sister schools” and giving students an opportunity at an immersive language and cultural experience. It is a true cultural exchange of schools!

    Currently we have a strong presence in Spain, so this program is perfect for Spanish language classes. We also welcome matches with other countries on a case-by-case basis.

  • Teach USA

    Teach USA facilitates the placement and sponsorship of international teachers in accredited U.S. K-12 host schools for up to three years with a possible two-year extension. Our primary goal is to facilitate an exceptional program for educators from all around the world to share their knowledge and experience in the U.S., giving K-12 youth in America a first-hand opportunity to learn more about the world from their teacher. Teachers who participate in this exchange can sharpen their professional skills and be a part of cross-cultural activities in schools and communities.

  • Timeline for grant awards

    As the eligibility requirement for the Greenheart Schools Program is for any school to participate in at least 2 program types for 2 consecutive years, eligibility for grant funding will be reviewed by the Greenheart Schools Program Committee in May 2024.

    As of May 2024, any school that participated in at least two program types during the two previous years (2022-23 and 2023-24) would be eligible to apply for funds. The three program types are: Teach USA, Greenheart Travel (includes School to School Exchange), and J-1 High School Program.

    Schools will be up for Greenheart Schools Program review again in May 2025, so any school that has not participated in at least 2 program types for 2 consecutive years by May 2024 will get a chance to qualify by 2025.

  • FAQ

    What is a Greenheart School? Does my school qualify?

    A Greenheart School is any U.S. high school that participates in one or more Greenheart programs. This can include hosting a J-1 or short-term high school exchange student, participating in a School to School Exchange Program, hiring a teacher through the Teach USA program, or sending an American student or teacher on an outbound Greenheart Travel program.

    Great, my school is a Greenheart School! What does that mean for me?

    That depends on your level of involvement with Greenheart! All Greenheart Schools receive early access to new program information and a recognition certificate. Greenheart Schools may also be eligible for educator awards and up to $4,000 in scholarships or school grants.

    So, Greenheart is giving money to schools?

    Yes, schools that participate in at least 2 program categories (listed below) for two consecutive years are eligible for scholarships of $2000 – $4000.

    Being involved in one of these categories makes you a Greenheart School. If you are involved in two of them for at least two consecutive years, your school qualifies for a $2000 grant or scholarship. This can be used for a school project/need, or for one of your teachers/students to participate in a Greenheart Travel program. If you are involved in all three categories for at least two consecutive years , you will receive $4000 for the same purpose!

    Those categories are:

    Inbound High School Exchange Programs – Host a foreign J-1 exchange student at your school.

    Greenheart Travel – Send an American student or teacher on an outbound Greenheart Travel program, or participate in a group short-term reciprocal exchange program by hosting an international high school group for two or three weeks and then later send a group of American high school students abroad to visit those students in their home country.

    Teach USA – Hire a teacher through the Greenheart Teach USA program.

    I think my school has qualified for a grant/scholarship. How can I tell, and when will the school receive the money?

    At the end of each academic year, Greenheart will determine what schools have participated in more than one program. If your school is eligible, we will contact you and include the application for how you plan to use the grant/scholarship. We will review the application from there and provide information about receiving the grant.

    What if my school is hosting multiple J-1 students, what do we qualify for?

    First, thank you for your contribution to cultural exchange! You are helping provide a life changing experience not just for the exchange students, but for their host families and hopefully your students and faculty as well.

    For your participation in a Greenheart program, you are a Greenheart school and eligible for early access to new program alerts, as well as a recognition certificate and potential educator awards. However, as all these students are in the same category, you would not yet qualify for a grant or scholarship. However, if you participate in one of our teacher or school to school programs in the next two years, you would be eligible for additional levels of incentive.

    If my school qualifies for a grant/scholarship, what can we use it for?

    This grant can be used to a fund cross-cultural themed project or event for the school and local community, to provide scholarships for cultural exchange programs through Greenheart, or other projects subject to approval. Examples include creating a language club, hosting a cultural exchange or global event, funding a student group to attend a language camp abroad, etc.

    Are there specific requirements for doing a school to school exchange? (Ie, school size, type of school, number of students needed to sign up, etc.)

    The School to School program requires a school to be willing and send at least 10 students during a school year. Currently we are specifically seeking schools wanting to do an exchange with a school in Spain.

    I’ve filled out an inquiry form on your website, when can I expect to hear back?

    Within 2 business days!

    Who do I contact with additional questions?