Letter Template

Dear [Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman name],

My name is [_____] and I’m a [add your profession or: resident of [state] / resident of Congressman / Congresswoman name’s district.] I’m writing you to today to ask you to support the U.S. Department of State’s educational and cultural exchange programs.

The Administration recently recommended cutting funding for the U.S. Department of State’s educational and cultural exchange programs by almost 56%, from $700.9 million to 309.6 million. A cut like this would harm people-to-people diplomacy and exchange programs like the [name your exchange program, examples: Summer Work Travel program, Intern, Trainee, Teacher, Secondary Student, Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study, Future Leaders Exchange Program], which I’ve been involved with for [X] year(s).

As a [describe your role, for example: host, local coordinator, supervisor, colleague], I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact that exchange programs have on our [district/state]. [Share a personal storyUse the Greenheart Club resource, “How to Tell Your Human Story,” for tips on honing your personal story for effective advocacy].

Exchange programs [choose 2 or 3 benefits to highlight, for example: support 21st-century learning, support our local businesses/schools, prepare Americans to succeed in the global economy, foster mutual understanding]. I urge [Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman name] to support funding State Department educational and cultural exchange programs at current levels and to support a transparent review process, including Congressional oversight before any changes are made to the Exchange Visitor Program.

Thank you,

[Your Name]