Introducing our 2019 Greenheart GIGs

Introducing our 2019 Greenheart GIGs

As global leaders, we often dream big for the causes we care about. Sometimes, however, the resources to achieve those dreams are not always readily available.

At Greenheart, we want your resources to be as accessible as your ambitions.

We’re thrilled to officially announce the new name change of our previous Greenheart Service Grants to Greenheart Global Impact Grants (GIGs) because we believe the projects of our previous grant recipients have gone above and beyond simply serving a community – these are projects that truly carry the weight of our Greenheart mission of connecting people and planet and we’d like to recognize just that.

By adopting Greenheart Global Impact Grants as our official name of these empowering projects, we want you to understand exactly what they are and how they have made such a strong impact around the globe — here’s a list of 7 Greenheart GIGs that have given youth the opportunity to create change!

What exactly are GIGs?

A Greenheart Global Impact Grant is a financial award of up to $1,000, given to exemplary members of the Greenheart volunteer community. It provides participants and alumni with the opportunity to create, improve, or maintain a community-focused project abroad or at home. The key is to get creative!

When do GIG applications open?

We have three rounds of GIG applications open each year! Here are the annual deadlines:

March 1st
July 1st
November 1st

Our alumni network continues to expand each year with more of our participants working towards an environmentally sustainable, socially just and peaceful world. Join in with your ideas – develop a project plan, choose Greenheart as your supportive network and fearlessly dream BIG.

Need funding for your next community project? Visit the Greenheart Club to learn more and apply to a Greenheart Global Impact Grant today! Need a little inspiration before getting started? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to hear more updates about our latest grant winners.

2 thoughts on "Introducing our 2019 Greenheart GIGs"

  1. Qosimjon Komilov says:

    This is Qosimjon Komilov
    I have got a question if you do not mind?
    How am I suppose to apply for GIG?
    Best Qosimjon!

    1. Julia Rabin says:

      Hi Qosimjon,
      I’m so glad you want to apply for a GIG! You can access your Greenheart Club profile through your Greenheart Exchange Online account – If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at
      We look forward to your application!


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