Reflections on the Return of Greenheart’s Junior Greenheart Global Leadership Conference

Reflections on the Return of Greenheart’s Junior Greenheart Global Leadership Conference

Greenheart hosted our last Junior Global Leaders Conference way back in 2019 before the pandemic hit. So we were excited to finally bring back this event that means so much to students and to our mission of connecting people and planet to create global leaders. Once the dust settled and the students left Chicago after a weekend of leadership activities, we took a moment to reflect.

As the participants made their way off their flights, the first Chicago adventure was to hop on the ‘L’ and travel into the city. With 6 international students all meeting in one location, sleeping in dorm rooms, and spending time together 24/7 over 5 days, Greenheart International was hopeful for happy memories and lifelong friendships to blossom.

Of course, the deep-dish Chicago pizza a huge hit, but so were the workshops and activities during the conference. Students told us of the impact: Polina mentioned, “I absolutely LOVED the Peace School! So much positive energy and peace.” Another mentioned they loved volunteering at The Plant because it gave them an opportunity to help clean self-sustaining filtered aquariums.

Most of the Greenheart workshops were designed to show future leaders that everyone may be different, and everyone is capable of making a difference in the world. Many of the students told us that they no longer fear public speaking, and that they are empowered to find mentors and resources that will support them. Indeed, there is power in collaboration and in sharing knowledge.

“The conference fostered an environment of open dialogue and exchange of ideas, inspiring me to think beyond my own boundaries. I gained valuable insights on effective leadership strategies, innovative approaches to problem-solving, and the importance of community engagement,” stated Deepti.

Whether the students are faced with public speaking, environmental/sustainability challenges, or leadership opportunities, Greenheart International knows that Rada, Krystian, Polina, Beka, Pavel, and Deepti are going to make a huge difference in their communities.

“They are the next generation to take on the most pressing global issues, and I have no doubt that these individuals will change the world for the better,” Greenheart International employee and Junior Global Leaders Conference chaperone, Jacob Scara stated.

We wish these students all the best on their future adventures and always want them to remember that they have a community and resources here at Greenheart International!

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