The Junior Greenheart Global Leaders Conference is back in Chicago this May 2023!

The Junior Greenheart Global Leaders Conference is back in Chicago this May 2023!

We are thrilled to announce that our Junior Greenheart Global Leaders Conference returns this May to Chicago!

The Jr. GGLC brings together a select group of high school scholars from around the world who have earned a spot at the conference. Through the application process, each participant was asked to share a time they connected with someone in a different country, a different cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, etc. The idea is to talk through how they found common ground and were able to beat the odds of typical stereotypes. All of our applicants brought successful cultural exchange experiences to life for us. And our 6 winners did so with a lens of originality and showed a passion for leadership and a strong sense of inclusivity for other individuals that come from different countries and backgrounds.

Congratulations to our 6 winners who have earned a trip to Chicago for the 4-day event!

  • Deepti – India: “One of the most important factors that helped us connect was our willingness to learn from each other.”
  • Polina – Ukraine: “After I finally stepped out of my comfort zone, took a new path in my life and became an exchange student, I was eager to do something interesting for my host community. Many ideas were rushing through my mind and all of a sudden, it hit me. I am from a different country. I wanted to use that attribute as an opportunity to educate my lovely host community about my country and learn about theirs.”
  • Beka – Georgia: “Just in one week, that individual changed me fundamentally, the way I saw people with different socioeconomic statuses was different from how I do now.”
  • Krystian – Poland: “After meeting another exchange student staying in the US. “I think I have gained more imagination about others. I am looking forward to meeting more people with different points of view.”
  • Rada – Ukraine: “By building international connections, we are increasing our knowledge about traditions and cultures, we are finding new interests for ourselves, travel destinations, and just great friendships for a lifetime.”
  • Pavel – Czechia: “If we simply admire each other for who we are, without prejudices or judgment, we can learn and make friends with anyone, no matter how different.”

The event will give these future leaders the chance to learn more about American culture, public speaking, and develop their leadership skills. 

Each day will be packed with workshops, volunteer opportunities, ball games, and pizza. And though this conference is only for a few days, Greenheart is confident that these 6 individuals will develop long-lasting friendships that offer a continuing chance of learning new cultural backgrounds that can help further their curiosity about the world. Congratulations Jr GGLC winners 2023!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help and/or support Greenheart’s mission through programs like the Jr. GGLC, click HERE.

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