My American Experience Helped Me In Finding My Place

Greenheart recently heard from former FLEX high school participant, Keti Chitashvili who has shared her experience as a Greenheart participant! In this blog post, Keti explains that not only has being an exchange student helped shape her high school career, but it has also helped her develop in her profession.

When I look back and see myself 13 years ago, I see a motivated, enthusiastic, hard-working young girl who never dreamt but had goals and was always moving towards them. 13 years ago, I was an exchange student in Idaho at Caldwell High School in frames of Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) and every morning of my exchange year, I thought that I was going to make changes, to influence positivity in the community, to the country, to the people I belonged to. Every move and every step I took, I was dedicated to something bigger in my life. My exchange year and the experiences that I gathered made me think that the globe is huge. There are so many of us, but still, there is place for all of us on it. So, I didn’t need to do something huge to fulfill my desires, I always could do small things for a better change and it could affect the bigger result. My American experience helped me in finding my place on this huge globe and taught me to appreciate myself and the things I do.

My American journey continues with the Greenheart Odyssey, starting from being a delegate at the Greenheart Global Leaders Conference in Washington D.C. This continued with the Greenheart Impact Grant program and Alumni Council trip to Berlin, Germany in 2018. Each opportunity was a new way of growth, development, and inspiration. It was a great opportunity to learn and grow from program to program, and to be part of this amazing community and network.

Being a part of Greenheart’s alumni network is one of the best opportunities of learning, sharing and creating something different with your peers from all over the world. All the amazing young alumni, their experiences, knowledge and stories was a huge motivation and influence on me to do more for my community. The grant program was a huge support in realizing my ideas and fulfilling the projects I had in mind for years.

In 2017, I participated in one of the GGLC activities which was a group study tour at the World Bank Head Quarters in Washington D.C. I remember how impressed I was with the office and the people who worked there, especially after getting to know the purpose and the range of the impact that the organization had on the world. I did not even think or dream of being part of it all. Exactly six years later, I became a World Bank employee in Georgia Country Office and had my first business trip to the Washington D.C. Headquarters later that spring. Going back to that building brought back all the feelings I had while visiting it for the very first time. It was a strange and very pleasant feeling at the same time. I was a part of something that supported millions in need and made a truly positive impact.

My current role at the World Bank is to support implementation of World Bank projects in Georgia in the field of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure. I found all the previous experiences with the Greenheart extremely helpful and supportive in my current role, especially in terms of networking with stakeholders, having high sense of integrity and diversity with the teams, bringing climate friendly values and skills to my work and targeting global purpose and impact for better world.

My leadership journey helped me grow as a human. Someone who is a kind, supportive, and caring friend and a family member. I am a successful woman in my career and it has made me a changemaker in my community and a positive influencer for youth and peers around me. At the end of my journey, it gave me confidence and love for myself.

I would like to use this opportunity to once again thank Greenheart and the amazing people who work at the organization. You change lives, support, develop, and strengthen the future of this world and give out opportunities that truly make an enormous change for the better. Thank you for choosing me, trusting me, and supporting me for the last 13 years. I am proud to be part of your network and give back to others what I gained from you!

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