Greenheart Global Leaders Conference: Where are they now? | Kateřina Labudová

Greenheart Global Leaders Conference: Where are they now? | Kateřina Labudová

Kateřina Labudová

23 years old
Home Country: Czech Republic
J-1 Work and Travel, 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio
J-1 Work and Travel & Ambassador Scholar, 2016 in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
2016 Greenheart Global Leaders Conference (GGLC)

Following the Greenheart Global Leaders Conference, Katerina spent her time serving the only animal shelter in the Czech Republic. She currently works in an agency that supports J-1 Work and Travel programs.

Q. How were you inspired by the GGLC?

A. The GGLC made me rethink a lot and I took some time off to focus on my personal growth. This ended up being great for my self-awareness and mental health. The activities during the conference were perfectly put together, but the attendees were probably the most inspiring part for me. It was so great to see so many people my age with a positive attitude, vision and determination to change the world with every step that they take.

I was part of the social justice track and was very impressed by the rest of my group. For example, I’m pretty sure my fellow participants, Nino and Sarah, will do huge things for the women in their home countries and in the world. I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet so many great people and make great friends. Being part of the event made me feel very inspired. I wish I could be around such a group of people everyday. It was a very uplifting feeling to be in a room with such positive, passionate and open-minded individuals.

Q. What is your favorite GGLC memory?

A. The social justice panel with representatives from Black Lives Matter and the California Coalition Against Assault was full of very important messages. I remember that after those three hours all of us felt so ready to go and change the world! Some of my other favorite things were volunteering, constantly looking for coffee with Holley and Brian, dying laughing about literally everything with Nelia, talking about the refugee crisis in Europe with Ibrahim, having fun with Sarah, pizza night and analyzing cultural differences between our countries and continents, dancing with girls from Jamaica and definitely the karaoke night with the social justice track! So much fun.

Q. How has Greenheart impacted you?

A. Thanks to the lovely people from CCI Greenheart (Amber Hayes especially) I felt encouraged to go and do good. I think I needed that little push they offered and thanks to them I had an amazing summer. Greenheart staff members from the GGLC were super friendly, helpful and inspiring. They wanted to see us grow and become leaders and they wanted nothing in return. I am forever grateful!

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