What is Cultural Exchange?

What is Cultural Exchange?

By Kelsey Holmes, Greenheart Club Program Assistant

“I have another perspective about the world; I have new and fresh ideas about the future.  I am going to take charge and try to change my country with my friends’ and other leaders’ help.”       — Arman from Armenia, CCI Greenheart J-1 High School Student placed in Washington

The Greenheart Club is a network of global volunteers who have been brought together as members of our cultural exchange community.  Cultural exchange is a core component of Greenheart International’s mission and is so important in fostering a sense of global leadership and service throughout our community.

So what is cultural exchange?  It could be learning how to say “Hello” in a new language or being brave and trying a new and interesting food.  Even colors may hold different meanings in different areas of the world.  Check out this infographic highlighting the way colors are used to convey messages around the world!

Colors around the World

Cultural exchange is sharing different ideas, traditions, and knowledge with someone who may be coming from a completely different background than your own.  It’s important to be aware of the differences between cultures, particularly if you are volunteering, working, or living in a new country or interacting with people from a different country than your own.  Watch the video below to see why understanding cultural differences and participating in cultural exchange is so important:

There are so many ways to promote cultural exchange!  The Greenheart Club is a great resource for connecting with participants from all over the world.  Engaging in your host community is one of the most effective ways to share your own culture as well as learn more about a new one.  What are some ways that you live out cultural exchange in your daily life?

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