The Ambassador Scholarship Fund begins with these 6 new international travelers this Winter!

The Ambassador Scholarship Fund begins with these 6 new international travelers this Winter!

Greenheart is thrilled to announce the first round of Ambassador Scholarship grant participants that will be heading to the United States this Winter! 

The Ambassador Scholarship Grant was awarded to Greenheart by the Department of State to be implemented for the next 3 years. With nearly 38 years of international cultural exchange, Greenheart is proud to announce the first round of scholars.  

Though it will be winter in the United States, in many parts of the world University students have their countries’ summer break for 3 to 4 months during this time! These scholars are branching out and heading to the melting pot for a snowy adventure in some of the nation’s top winter resorts. 

What is so amazing about this Summer Work Travel program is the student’s opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a college student in America. With the opportunity for cultural exchange, Lanieta from Fiji states “the connections that I may establish can lead to lifelong friendships, collaborations, and the establishment of a global network of like-minded individuals passionate about creating positive change in the world,” (Winter 2023 Participant). 

Congratulations to our 6 winners who have been awarded the Winter 2023 Ambassador Scholarship program! 

Lucca- Argentina: “One of the primary reasons why I am eager to win this scholarship is my desire to meet new people from diverse backgrounds. By engaging with people in the United States, I will have the chance to learn about their customs, traditions, and ways of life. This cultural immersion will undoubtedly shape my character and enable me to become a more globally aware citizen.” 

Nicolas- Argentina: “My commitment to the Youth for Climate movement demonstrates my passion for addressing the environmental and social challenges of our time. I firmly believe in the power of youth to drive significant changes in society.” 

Manfred– Costa Rica: “The most important part for me, if I get chosen, is that I would love to transmit everything I have learned about Costa Rica, I would like to encourage people to take care and respect the environment. As a Costa Rican, I would love to transmit my culture and customs to the United States and reflect that people with few resources can travel through these incredible opportunities.”  

Melany- Costa Rica: “On many occasions, I am an example for the children of my family and the community, and I want to continue being a good example and show that with effort, passion, perseverance, constancy, and love great things can be done.” 

Lanieta- Fiji: “The program promotes global understanding and empathy by allowing participants to experience firsthand the social, economic, and political realities of a different country or community. This will encourage me to step outside my comfort zones, develop a global mindset, and cultivate a greater appreciation for the interconnectedness of the world.”  

Vasiti- Fiji: “The opportunity itself to be able to go to America for summer work is so exciting. I grew up being so fascinated with America because of what I saw through the media. I also know that America is full of endless opportunities so it would be a dream come true to experience life there for a few months.” 

Many grow up experiencing a taste of America’s culture through social media, television, and music, but coming to the United States on this program will allow them the opportunity to see American culture up close. The Ambassador Scholars are excited to see the endless opportunities this program can offer, not only personally but professionally. Nicolas from Argentina mentions that the support for world change starts with young leaders. 

He continues to say that “The Work and Travel program in the United States would provide me with the opportunity to connect with activists and leaders in areas related to climate change and sustainability, and learn from the best practices and strategies implemented in other countries.” 

Not only will each Ambassador Scholar have this wonderful cultural experience, but every American that stumbles upon these individuals will have the opportunity to learn about their country, life, and experiences. This is what cultural exchange is all about! 

To learn more about the Ambassador Scholarship Fund, click here. 

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