Look for the helpers: Greenhearts aid in Hurricane Harvey relief

Look for the helpers: Greenhearts aid in Hurricane Harvey relief

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me,
‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'” – Fred Rogers

Over the past few weeks our Greenheart community came together in an incredible show of solidarity and strength following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. We are so inspired by how actively engaged everyone has been in the effort to rebuild the effected areas and restore hope to communities across the country. This is what the Greenheart vision is all about: connecting people and planet to create positive change. Read on to learn more about how your fellow Greenhearts have been involved!

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Greenheart staff members held a Hurricane Harvey relief bake sale at our Chicago headquarters and raised $413 in donations. All proceeds are going to the Hurricane Harvey Classroom Recovery Fund, which helps teachers at damaged schools rebuild their classrooms with materials like books, furniture, classroom supplies, technology, and therapy resources. 

Local Coordinator, Melanie Vitovsky, writes of her Texas-based High School Program participants: “They jumped in and have been volunteering to help all over the city.” The participants took some time to put together emergency supplies kits! 

Local Coordinator, Lynn Robinson, and her former J-1 High School Program host student from Vietnam, Nhat Huy Ngo, volunteered to collect donations for those affected by floods in Texas through the Austin Disaster Relief Network. “Huy was originally just making a side trip to Texas to visit his host family for a few days before heading up to Seattle where he will be starting his college classes,” says Lynn. “I stopped by his prior host family’s house to say hi and I mentioned I was volunteering at a local church accepting and sorting donations for flood victims and he asked if he could volunteer with me. Prior to last year when he volunteered with us, he had never volunteered before, so it’s safe to say he’s enjoying the experience.”

Adel, J-1 High School Program 2017/18 participant from the Ukraine, logged 17 hours in the Greenheart Club towards Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Adel bought, sorted, and assembled emergency donations. She also volunteered for the hospitality shift at her local church to help refugees affected by the hurricane.

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