Greenheart and Work+Shelter = T-Shirts to Feel Good In

Greenheart and Work+Shelter = T-Shirts to Feel Good In

Greenheart International connects people and planet to create global leaders. We do that mostly through our cultural exchange programs, but did you know we also support fair trade and environmentalism through the t-shirts we purchase? Greenheart works with a fair trade company called Work+Shelter to produce our t-shirts in India. This month, we received an order of new t-shirts from Work+Shelter and we want to tell everyone about how they are made so everyone feels good about wearing them.

Work+Shelter’s mission is to create fairly-paid work for women in need in India, while also making it easy for organizations to purchase high quality, ethically made, customized sewn goods. Their supply chain emphasizes the use of recycled, upcycled, organic materials, or lower-impact raw materials.

Work+Shelter is an organization built by women, run by women, and that works everyday to uplift Indian women by providing a safe work environment and fair-trade work. This begins with a paid training program, where each woman is paid to learn how to sew. Once she graduates from the training program she is then hired on full-time at an increased wage. Employment at Work+Shelter provides more than just consistent wages. The company offers regular health check ups, a clean and safe working environment, and a space where women can truly be themselves.

Theresa VanderMeer, CEO and Founder shared, “I love seeing the women walk in and throw off the headscarves they typically wear in public. It shows me they are comfortable and that our production center is a place where they feel free. The women of WORK+SHELTER are strong, resilient, and dedicated to creating a better life for themselves and their families. They are an inspiration.”

Thank you to Work+Shelter for being our t-shirt partner. You can read more about the company and how they produce quality products with proven social impact on their website and in this short video.

We hope you’ll wear your Greenheart t-shirt with pride and with appreciation for the women who made it.

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