Exchange Day: How To Plan Your Own Event

Exchange Day: How To Plan Your Own Event

By: Kathryn Conley, Communications Intern

In just over a month, Greenheart International will participate in the 5th annual Exchange Day! This event is a perfect opportunity for exchange participants, alumni, and hosts to celebrate cultural exchange, give back to their communities and, most importantly, have fun! We encourage YOU to join in on the fun of Exchange Day by planning your own event.

So… what exactly is Exchange Day and why do we do it? 

Exchange Day (previously known as J Day) is a nationwide celebration of the power of international exchange. International exchange participants, alumni, and American hosts come together to “eat, play and give” – to celebrate cultural diversity, to give back to their communities, and have some fun. Exchange Day is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) and spread the word about the power and breadth of cultural exchange

When is it?

August 5th, 2019

How do you host your own Exchange Day?

Step 1:  Think of all your resources…what family, friends, community members, businesses, etc. are willing to donate time or money to your Exchange Day event?

Step 2:  Think of what kind of event you want to host! Exchange Day is an event dedicated to promoting cultural exchange through our motto: eat. play. give.

Here are some ideas:

  • EAT:  Have a cookout or potluck to share and enjoy food, whether it’s from around the world or a local restaurant.
  • PLAY:  Host a game day: embark on a scavenger hunt, play water Olympics, or introduce others to a game from your home country or former host country! Or create a playlist of music from around the world. Invite participants to share a favorite song or play it live!
  • GIVE:  Giving back to your community is the best way to see a positive change in the world. Do a park clean-up, a canned food drive, or volunteer as a group at a local non-profit! Or give back by sharing your experience: host a panel discussion about cultural exchange so others can hear first-hand about programs like the Exchange Visitor Program.

Step 3:  Share the word about your event by creating a Facebook event, inviting local media, or inviting members of Congress, who hold the keys to ensuring our SWT and J-1 visa Exchange Visitor programs continue to exist. Click here to access a script for requesting scheduler contact information. You can also find an email template for inviting congressional members here.

If you aren’t sure how to market your Exchange Day event, don’t worry! You can use this Exchange Day Style Guide.

No matter how big or small, your Exchange Day event will be meaningful. Not only is cultural exchange important to our lives, but it is fun to celebrate!

For more information on how to start your own Exchange Day, check out our webinar and the Alliance for International Exchange’s Exchange Day website.

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