Camp Greenheart 2016

Camp Greenheart 2016

By Kelsey Holmes, Greenheart Club Program Assistant

Camp Greenheart finished its third year last week, and campers and counselors alike had an absolute blast!  The camp is in its third year of development, and with each summer it grows leaps and bounds, making this summer the best yet. At Greenheart, we are a connected community of global citizens taking action to create a more peaceful and sustainable future for all. So how does Camp Greenheart help us to do just that?

Camp Greenheart is unique in a number of ways.  In addition to engaging campers in outdoor activities like swimming, rock climbing, ziplining and, of course, blobbing (a giant bubble that launches campers into the lake), Camp Greenheart brings to the forefront the importance of connection with one another, the environment, and the global community.

Camp Greenheart’s mission is to:

  • engage youth to explore their natural surroundings
  • work creatively, collaboratively and independently
  • foster a holistic sense of well-being for self, others, and the world
  • challenge campers through increased responsibility and independence
  • celebrate youth and togetherness with music and nature

At Camp Greenheart, the focus was on four main components of global leadership: health and wellness, cultural understanding, our connection to the environment and volunteerism.  Each day, campers started out with a daily intention that focused on one particular element.  Throughout the day, campers were encouraged to make connections between their actions and intentions in order to work toward a life of active engagement with the world around them and live as global leaders in their communities.

From capture the flag, to learning about our Camp Leaders’ home countries (Brazil, Spain, Vietnam and China), to the Pachamama symposium, campers were engaged and focused on the many elements that make up dynamic and transformative global leaders.  The week culminated in the annual “World’s Fair”, where campers were able to highlight their experience and what they learned during their time at camp.  But how much of an impact did this really have on camp attendees?  Check out these fun photos and read their responses below!

Question: What was your favorite part of Camp Greenheart and why?

My favorite part of camp was the zip line and blobbing because we all supported each other even if one person didn’t think they could do it.”

“My favorite part about Camp Greenheart was working on the song for the world’s fair and seeing what the other groups came up with. I also liked working in teams because it helped me become more patient. I basically loved all of camp.”

“My favorite part was learning about everyone’s culture and meeting new people because we bonded so much and became a family.”

“My favorite part of Camp Greenheart was everything! That’s because camp was SO FUN!”

Question: How do you plan to act as a Global Leader after Camp Greenheart?

“I will use less plastic cups. I will also use reusable things until they don’t work and put them where they belong. I will pick up trash and put it where it belongs if it is on the floor.”

“I plan to come back to Camp Greenheart to become a CIT to help kids and children out.”

“I think we learned a lot over these 5 days that we can take home and tell family and friends. I think just worrying about yourself and thinking how you can change the world by a little or take action and speak to other people about the harm they are doing.”

Question: What did you learn at Camp Greenheart?

“I learned not to use Styrofoam cups because they are bad.”

“Another thing I learned was to have fun. It is important because then you’ll be happy.”

“I learned to be brave and to do new things.”

“I learned not to quit. I know I can keep trying.”

“I learned you have to pick up trash if it is not yours. It is important because we don’t want the environment to be dirty and have trash all over it.”

“I learned about the 4 different types of volunteering.”

“I learned not to stereotype because first I have to spend time with that person and get to know them.”

“There will always be a place for me at Camp Greenheart.”

“I learned about moderation and the harm we are doing to our body and how often you can eat unhealthy food.”

“I learned that people are different in their own way and that’s important because you need to respect them being unique.”

“I learned that teamwork makes problem solving much easier and that’s important because two brains are better than one.”

Camp Greenheart clearly has an impact.  We are so proud of our campers and are already looking forward to next year!  What’s your #CampGreenheart story?  Share on social media and tag Greenheart or send photos or a blog to!

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