Introducing our 2019 Greenheart Calendar!

Are you curious about how to be a more thoughtful leader?  Need a little inspiration to get you through the winter blues?  Bored with your current desktop background?  We’ve got the solution for YOU!

Introducing our new FREE Greenheart desktop calendar! Each month, we’ll share a new calendar featuring a beautiful location from around the world AND highlight important dates you need to know as a global leader.  Pretty cool, right?!

Check out our February edition below with instructions on how to download.  Also, be sure to follow our blog for a new calendar each month! Enjoy!


To use our FREE Greenheart February Desktop Calendar:

 (1) click on a size below  (2) right click on the graphic and click “Save image as”  (3) open file and set it as your desktop background

Size 1 (1024 x 768)  |  Size 2 (1440 x 900)  |  Size 3 (1600 x 900)

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