The First Season of the Ambassador Scholarship Fund is completed!

The Ambassador Scholarship Grant was awarded to Greenheart by the Department of State to be implemented for the next 3 years in 2024. With nearly 38 years of international cultural exchange, Greenheart is proud to announce the first round of scholars has completed their programs with success. Ambassador Scholars were chosen from 89 countries to fill 123 spots. Chosen scholars have their flights, program fees and administrative fees covered, helping to remove the barrier of participating on the Work and Travel private exchange program. Here is what our Communications Director, Haldis Toppen had to say about this first group of scholars:

“Greenheart is so proud to have been the implementer of the Ambassador Scholarship, ever since we were notified of our status in January 2023. However, it is one thing to prepare for the Ambassador Scholars, and another to have them come to the United States and experience their program. When we met a few participants this past winter, you could see the light in their eyes and joy in their heart, having the opportunity to come to the United States on this program; an opportunity they would not normally have. The cherry on top was hearing how inspired our hosts were by their participants. I cannot wait for the next group of participants to come this summer, with even more countries represented across the globe. I know that our American hosts are in for a special treat.”

Winter 2023 Ambassador Scholars finished their Work and Travel program this past March and have returned home with great memories and new life experiences. Melany and Manfred from Costa Rica, Vasiti and Lanieta from Fiji, and Lucca and Nicolas from Argentina told us just how great of an experience they had on their cultural exchange program.

Nicolas shared, “I’ve learned many things, and above all, I’ve opened my mind a lot. I was able to experience firsthand, not only American culture, but that of many other countries, while sharing my own culture. I experienced things I never thought I would do in my life. My God, I even swam with turtles in Hawaii!” He continued by telling us that he had incredible opportunities and made lifelong friends.

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