The Ambassador Scholarship Fund continues this Summer!

The Ambassador Scholarship Fund continues this Summer!

The Ambassador Scholarship Grant was awarded to Greenheart by the Department of State and continues to be implemented until the end of the Winter Season of 2025. This opportunity is a merit-based scholarship that allows those interested in joining the Work and Travel program to do so without having to worry about financial strain.

Greenheart is now welcoming the Summer 2024 Ambassador Scholars. After reviewing more than 800 applications, ranging from all around the world, the Summer 2024 welcomes 37 participants from Algeria, Belize, Cambodia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Greece, Jamaica, Kenya, Mauritius, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.

Each participant was awarded the grant because of their passion and commitment to their education and to helping those around them. These participants are college students studying medicine, law, business, engineering, marketing, and so much more. We are thrilled about their cultural exchange program. Congratulations!

Congratulations to the Summer 2024 Ambassador Scholars:

Algeria- Kamer and Anes placed in South Carolina & Wisconsin

Belize- Tony placed in Wisconsin

Cambodia- Sopanha placed in Wisconsin

Cyprus- Pantelis, Berke, Ilkin, and Constantinos placed in Colorado

The Czech Republic- Thi Than Giang placed in Wisconsin

Egypt- Esraa and Ali placed in Alaska and Pennsylvania

Equatorial Guinea- Lisa placed in North Carolina

Greece- George, Marianna, Eleftherios, Amaryllis, Mesk, Konstantinos, Georgios, Georgios, Chris, Maria, Stavroula, Eletheria, Christina, Nefeli, Dafni, and Nikitas placed in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, New Hampshire

Jamaica- Javel and Vanesta placed in Pennsylvania

Kenya- Abdalla placed in Pennsylvania

Mauritius- Satyaveer placed in New Hampshire

Ukraine- Daria placed in Pennsylvania

Vietnam- Huong Giang placed in Pennsylvania

Zimbabwe- Angela placed in Wisconsin

Many of these individuals grew up experiencing a taste of America’s culture through social media, television, and music, but coming to the United States on this program will allow them the opportunity to see American culture up close.

What is so important about our Work and Travel program is sharing the wealth of the world. Not only do these individuals learn about the United States, but this program is giving Americans the opportunity to meet individuals from around the world and learn about them as well. Greenheart hopes that those involved will gain amazing new life experiences, find common ground, and gain mutual understanding to relate to one another regardless of where in the world they are living! 

Next up? Greenheart is already preparing for the Winter 2024 Ambassador Scholarship season. Applicants from Fiji, Tonga, Costa Rica, Argentina, Guatemala, and Panama will have marvelous college students spend their university break in the United States beginning in November.

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To learn more about the Ambassador Scholarship Fund, click here. 

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