The 2024 Junior Greenheart Global Leaders Conference in Chicago!

This past week, Greenheart celebrated the Junior Greenheart Global Leadership Conference with 6 international high school exchange participants. The conference explores global leadership in Chicago through social and environmental service, cultural exchange, and international advocacy. The participants engage in one-on-one discussions with innovative leaders and practice public speaking skills by sharing cultural exchange accomplishments with Greenheart’s staff at our headquarters.

This select group of high school scholars from around the world earned a spot at this conference. During the application process, each participant was asked to share a time they connected with an individual from a different country, cultural background, sexual orientation, religion, etc. The idea was to talk through how they found common ground and avoid typical stereotypes.

All of our applicants brought successful cultural exchange experiences to life for us. Choosing was difficult. Our 6 winners presented their stories with a lens of originality and showed a passion for leadership, and a strong sense of inclusivity for other individuals who come from different countries and backgrounds.

Our 6 Junior Greenheart Global Leadership Conference winners

Congratulations to Tsisia from Georgia, Mats from Germany, Vazgen from Armenia, Fatma from Tunisia, Viktorie from the Czech Republic, and Wahab from Pakistan as they finish up their exchange school year and continue to pave the way for future growth of cultural exchange.

The winning students’ days were packed with workshops, volunteer opportunities, ball games, and pizza. Greenheart enjoyed witnessing new friendships form and discovering each scholar’s dreams and aspirations to make a difference in the world.

What has been surprising about coming to the United States?

Vazgen, placed in a host family in Maine, has been able to travel to a few cities in the United States. He was excited to see how diverse the U.S. is and shared that there are a lot of different countries and cultures represented here.

Viktorie found it amazing that you can access free WiFi anywhere you find yourself in the USA. It is always a helpful reminder to recognize that other countries do things differently than the U.S., even as simple as having access to free WiFi.

Whether it is to help animals, or to be an advocate for women’s rights, or to become an artist, or to train athletes in fitness and nutrition, or to travel the world and share culture, or to sail around the globe while bringing awareness to water pollution, Greenheart knows with these six young leaders advocating for change–anything is possible.

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