Written by Molly Greenheart

En Route
Spring/Summer 2017

En Route by Molly Greenheart

Purposefully Shifting Perspectives

Greenheart’s visionary theme for 2017 is “Embracing Purpose,” and it couldn’t come at a more important time in history. In order to embrace a sense of purpose, each of us must shift our perspectives. Intentionally reshaping and evaluating our preconceived notions, perspectives and habits can be seen as a tool not only for personal development, but also for evolutionary change. As we have already seen in the first months of this year, positive change is critical for how our world will unfold in the years ahead.

Changing human nature and habits does not come from sitting back and talking about it– we have to make an effort. When we do shift our perspectives, we get a burst of high-frequency brain waves that can alter our worldviews.

As members of the Greenheart community, each of us is in a particularly important position to embrace our purpose and walk the walk of what global leadership can look like. With today’s worldview, described by many as one of fear and scarcity, our work supports the shift to one of collaboration and abundance. Greenheart’s mission and stance for volunteerism, fair trade, cultural exchange, and transformative leadership embodies what a true leader and nation must do to embrace change at this time. We stand for international cultural exchange, fair trade, open borders, free exchange of ideas, and environmentalism. Through these channels, we practice the intentional and unavoidable shifting of perspective.

On the individual level, we must all be conscious in our efforts toward personal growth, and as a community our dialogue supporting cooperation and compassion for the whole needs to be deliberate. This does not mean alienating the opposition or suppressing differing views, but rather embracing what we stand for and being active examples of global citizens in our personal lives and our work. In this issue of En Route, we hope you will find the inspiration to put these ideals into action in your own life.

Emanuel Kuntzelman, Greenheart International Founder and President