Written by Rosie GH

Social Media Advocacy

Social Media Advocacy by Rosie GH


You can also share your stories with your community. When doing this, it’s important to:
Tell them why exchanges matter to you and how they impact your life or your community.
Encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to speak out in support of exchange programs too.

Use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share photos and/or messages of support for J-1 exchange programs with the hashtag, #SaveJ1. Don’t forget to make the post public and be sure to tag Greenheart Exchange!

Step 1: Post a photo of yourself from your J1 exchange in the USA on Facebook or Instagram. Ideal photos include those that show you with American friends, photos of you at your job in the USA, or photos of you in iconic or famous locations in the USA.

Step 2: Caption the photo with the name of your exchange program, the location where the photo was taken, the year it was taken (the year you did your program), and your home country. Lastly, make sure to end your post with the campaign hashtag: #SaveJ1
Example: J1 Summer Work & Travel. Glacier National Park, Montana. 2005. Proud J1 from Bulgaria! #SaveJ1

Step 3: Tag friends from your exchange experience that you connected with on Instagram or Facebook.

Step 4: Post!
Some other suggested hashtags that you can use are: #SaveJ1; #SaveOurSummer; #J1Visa; #SaveAuPair; #SWT; #ExchangesMatter; #ExchangeOurWorld

We will continue to share updates with our community regarding the threat to J-1 programs and our advocacy progress. We encourage you to take the following steps to ensure that you are fully aware of #SaveJ1 efforts.

  • Join Americans for Cultural Exchange– a broad coalition in support of international exchange programs – and urge your representatives to take action.
  • Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter at @ExchangesMatter and on Instagram at @americansforexchange.
  • Sign up to receive action alerts from the Alliance for International Exchange — a membership organization representing the cultural exchange industry, and the leaders in this fight to save J-1 exchange programs.
  • Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter at @AllianceExchnge.
  • The Alliance is also holding a letter writing campaign to members of Congress, asking them to defend exchanges against potential elimination.
  • Use this link to write to your members of congress in less than 5 minutes.
  • For an Intern and Trainee specific campaign, sign on here

Even when there is not an immediate threat, keep sharing your stories and the importance of the program to you!