Help Keep International Exchange Programs Strong!

An important advocacy event called Exchange Week in the District will take place Monday, April 15 through Friday, April 19th. This event focuses attention on the positive impact that exchange programs have on local communities throughout America, one of Greenheart’s priorities in 2019.

During this week, we encourage Greenheart community members who are U.S. citizens to write or call their representatives and share how exchange programs benefit their community. Not a U.S. citizen? Ask your American host family, classmates, supervisor, or colleagues to write a letter with you (tips here)! Speaking with our representatives is especially important given a recent recommendation to cut funding for the Department of State’s educational and cultural exchange programs by almost 56%.

Are you ready to advocate for the exchange program you love? Here’s how!

Step 1: Identify your representatives.

Step 2: Prepare by adapting a letter or phone script template.

Step 3: Put your letter or script to work by calling your representative! Even if you opted to write a letter, it’s best to call to ask for an email address where you can send your letter. (Learn why and obtain a script for this purpose from the Greenheart Club resource, “Writing a Member of the U.S. Congress!”) If you’d really prefer not to call, you can look for an email address on your representative’s website, fax your letter, or mail it to your representative’s district address.

Step 4: Share with the rest of us! Post a photo of you on the phone or with your finished letter to encourage others to do the same! Use the hashtag #ExchangeWeekDistrict and tag Greenheart (@GreenheartInternational on Instagram or @GreenheartEX on Twitter). Feel free to use these sample posts:

  • Today, I told my representatives how #IntlExchanges support my business and community. #ExchangeWeekDistrict
  • Today, I told my representatives how #IntlExchanges support diversity and 21st-century learning. #ExchangeWeekDistrict
  • #IntlExchanges increasing mutual understanding about other countries and cultures right here in [your home time/state]. #ExchangeWeekDistrict
  • #IntlExchange programs are an investment in the future, connecting America with current & emerging global leaders. #ExchangeWeekDistrict
  • Leadership, cultural learning, & language study – #IntlExchange programs prepare Americans for the global economy. #ExchangeWeekDistrict

Thank you for joining us in advocating for cultural exchange programs!